About buzz

Behind the scenes

It all began when one day our Economics teacher decided not to let us enter the class because we were 10 minutes late to the class.

We often reached our classes late because we couldn’t find autos to our college, it was frustrating and it was not only us who faced the same problem.

So the following day, in the economics lecture  we decided to find a permanent solution to this problem. 

We shared the same vision of making this an innovative and extremely easy to use app for all psychographics. We designed and coded the app in the most versatile and user friendly way possible.  

Our team

We believe in operating as a lean startup.

Rishab Jain


Bachelors in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. Voracious reader. Inveterate traveler.

I believe in using technology and creativity to disrupt existing and upcoming industries. 

Ajit Wadje


Bachelors in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. Student and a passionate traveler.

I believe in making this world a better place by creating innovative solutions with the help of advanced technology.