On-demand auto rides

Introducing a revolutionary step towards the enhancement in the taxi-hailing industry.

Why ride with Buzz?


We learnt that more than 65% of the auto drivers and riders are not well versed with the English language. To overcome with this problem, we also offer Hindi and Marathi to our riders and drivers.

Maximum 1 minute waiting

With more than 50,000 BuzzAutos around you, hailing an auto has never been easier. We aim to keep our waiting time less than 1 minute for a much smoother ride experience.

0% Commission for Drivers

We operate on a 0% commission from our drivers as we solely look for a solution not only for our riders but also for our drivers by helping them reach their financial stability.

Pay similar to meter

After conversing with 75+ auto drivers and riders, we have concluded that fare according to the meter is reliable, unbiased, and is been in practice for the last 20+ years. We like to keep few things unchanged.

No cancellation & no hike in prices

Unlike other taxi-hailing companies, we plan to keep our prices as per the meter. We believe that the rider should only pay for the distance they have traveled. No one likes to pay extra for the same service.

Easy to use

After 150+ hours of designing, we focused on Minimalist User Interface & User Experience design so carefully, that our users can adapt with the usability of the app instantly.

Instant. Auto rides.

Imagine never getting rejected by auto driver. Ever. 

We are hiring!

As this is a young startup, we are recruiting a full time IT team.